Often called “Europe’s Capital”, Belgium is a land of contrasts: linguistic, cultural and topographic. With 3 official languages: Dutch, French and German, the country is full of diversity. From the finest and most luxurious chocolates, to the traditional Flemish stew and the worldwide famous fries, your taste buds will be tingling! From the rather flat Flanders, with medieval and historical cities, to the hilly and rural Wallonia, get ready to explore a very diverse country. Belgium is waiting for you!


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Local Delights


Adopt the pace of Nature

Virtual Belgian Beer and Chocolate Pairing

Guided by a certified beer sommelier you will taste four Belgian beers paired with Belgian chocolates. Stimulate your senses and tantalize those taste buds with this interactive tasting. You will learn that beer tasting is something you do with all your senses. You will never look at beer the same way again!

Master Chcolate Tasting

Adopt the pace of Nature

Chocolate Master tasting workshop

Follow a unique tasting workshop with one of our famous Belgium experts: Gold Medalist at the London International Fair and Chocolatier of the Year. Enjoy this guided tasting of 13 chocolates, from the authentic to the most exquisite of the chocolatier collection. Come and (re)educate your palate with luxuriously unique chocolate!

Belgium Waffle Workshop

Adopt the pace of Nature

Belgian Waffle Baking Class

Craving a stack of delicious homemade Belgian waffles? Join a Belgian foodie and learn how to make these delicious Belgian waffles using his grandmother’s recipe. Add some sugar on top, you’ll feel like a true Belgian local! Ready for some homemade treats?

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Exclusive Bruges Walking Tour

Find out why Bruges city center has been designated as a World Heritage UNESCO site. Explore the streets of the city without the crowds! Your guide is passionate about Bruges and will be delighted to take you on this exclusive city tour. Discover the city’s canals, museums, parks, and get a front seat view to all the amazing sights of Bruges from the comfort of your home!

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Virtual Chocolate Escape Game

Analyze the clues and solve the puzzles that will allow you to retrace the cocoa route. This treasure hunt will challenge your team spirit and your taste buds! A virtual team building about chocolate!
Are you also a wine lover? You can combine wine and chocolate into the interactive online activities!

Belgium_Flemish Stew

Adopt the pace of Nature

Flemish Stew Online Cooking Class

Immerse yourself in the Belgian Tradition of cooking a meal & sharing it with your family. Nothing says home-cooked meal more than this hearty stew! Join a passionate Belgian cook to make this delicious dish & enjoy eating it afterwards. Ideas as a virtual activity before lunch or dinner!

Adopt the pace of Nature

Brussels European district tour

Discover the European District virtually with our local expert and explore the EU’ s emblematic architecture so often seen in the news.
The main stops will include Berlaymont building that houses the headquarter of the European Commission. Learn more about the EU Parliament , the Residence Palace, home of the European Council and International Press Centre, but also the Leopold park and many more institutions.
This tour is highly interactive with polls along the way.