Bringing history to life, 40 UNESCO World Heritage sites, acclaimed theatres, orchestras, high-calibre events and a buzzing creative scene.
Historical vs modern, traditional vs innovative – the contrast is inspiring.
From the castles in Bavaria to the trendy city of Berlin, from the historical city of Dresden to the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, you’re guaranteed an interesting story.


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The reunited Germany has so much to tell!

No other city shows the development after WW II better than the lovely Elbe river metropolis Dresden. Explore the so called “Elbflorenz” on a virtual tour and witness the rebuild of the famous Frauenkirche. Listen to its devastation, but also marvel at the results of the loving reconstruction that allows you to see the historic buildings back to their glory.

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Explore Berlin’s alternative urban art culture

Discover Berlin from a unique perspective on an art and graffiti themed virtual tour. Experience breathtaking colors and hear stories of Berlin’s past, present, and future through inspiring and provocative urban art works. Afterwards your team could design their very own graffiti during an interactive arts workshop.

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Beer is so much more than just a drink at your local bar!

Discover the world of beers at a virtual beer tasting and/or craft beer brewery tour: As many as 5,000 brands are brewed each year at around 1,300 breweries , among them Hefeweizen, a Bavarian-style wheat brew, and Kölsch, a typical light-weight beer from Cologne. Our beer sommelier will disclose a few myths e. g. why beer is also called “liquid bread”!

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Casino & wine – is there anything classier you can think of?

Imagine being at one of the most scenic vineyard castles in Germany, enjoying a nice gamble or a quiz, sipping on a super delicious red wine. Sounds perfect? Then join us on a virtual tour at a vineyard of the Rheingau region and allow our sommelier to introduce you to the most famous German Rieslings and other delicacies.

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Hanse, UNESCO World Heritage, Marzipan & much more

Explore the glorious city of Luebeck, a city of such historical importance that it has earned a UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. Be amazed by the medieval ambience of the Old Town on a virtual tour.
Finish your virtual visit of Luebeck with a visit of Niederegger, the world-famous Marzipan manufacturer.

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Rococo & Gin – the perfect match!

You will visit one of the most impressive and breath-taking sites in Potsdam – Sanssouci Palace. It was built by Frederick the Great of Prussia in 1740 in his favorite style-regal rococo. During a guided tour you will see the magnificent Prussian architecture as well as the beautiful Sansscouci Gardens.
Test your knowledge in a Gin quiz and taste the locally distilled Gin during a unique Gin-tasting with real experts.

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Board a Berlin treasury hunt

Visit Berlin’s famous Museum Island with its five world-renown exhibitions. Art, history, Egyptian treasures, and German culture all come to life on this small Berlin island!
Here you can find postmodern contemporary design architecture but also old structures and even a combination of both. Follow the hints and learn about Queen Neferiti as well as the impressive Pergamon Altar.

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Yoga on top of Frankfurt’s skyline

Sitting at the desk can be very stressful not just for the mind, but also for your body. Take an extra time off and find some distraction during a long day of virtual meetings and phone calls. You will not only learn some strategies to stretch and relax the body, but also some tactics to become mentally focused on what is essential. Combined with the magnificent views over Frankfurt’s impressive banking district the relaxation will kick in immediately.

carnival, fasnet, swabian alemannic

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Fancy being a clown or a princess? In Cologne you can live your dreams!

February is another time to celebrate big in Germany. Also called Fifth Season, Karneval takes place in cities and regions around the country, especially in the south and southwest. It’s a time when the stereotypical reserved Germans turn into party animals with themed parades, wild costumes, marching bands, and plenty of beer. Be part of it in our virtual carnival experience!

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Nothing more German than a real Oktoberfest experience

A Bavarian band playing in a traditional environment, Schuhplattlers showcasing their impressive dancing arts and a beer sommelier taking you on a journey of beer history. And of course, you’ll get to taste some of these best German beers on your own, not to mention your personal Gingerbread heart. Sounds like the perfect virtual night out?