Immerse yourself in Italian culture from the eyes of local storytellers.
Savour the culinary traditions and discover the stories of people and places.
Embrace the Italian music traditions from folk to Opera pop, a vibrant journey.
Experience a taste sensation while travelling around vineyards, olive groves and lemon orchards.
Glam it up and enjoy exploring the stylish Made in Italy manufacturers.


Are you ready to receive your destination welcome box?
We´ve created the exclusive 5 senses experience box, the best way to immerse yourself in our destinations.
Get ready, open your mind and awake your senses.








Include a meeting in your virtual Incentive Trip.
Create your meeting option with a regular conference call through our OnAIR platform with breakout rooms, simultaneous meetings, CEO speeches and many other possibilities.


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Coffee Break Box
Customize your Meal Box
Happy Hour Box


Adopt the pace of Nature

The Italian Mystery Box

Beat the Chef and discover what’s inside your mystery box. Only when the contest starts will you know which ingredients you will need to choose. Upload your picture and recipe ready for the Italian chef to judge before his live cooking show.

Adopt the pace of Nature


This is a heart-warming music and dance from Southern Italy. Shake your body to the rhythm of the tambourines and travel back to this land’s ancestral roots.

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Venice Eyes

Step into the heart of Venice. A local artisan will welcome you in his private Lab and show the age-old techniques and secrets of the traditional handcrafted masks. Get inspired and paint your own Venetian mask!

Adopt the pace of Nature

Martini Break

Shake it up & get involved in this bubbly challenge! Learn how to mix and balance flavours from the ingredients received in your box, to create the best iconic Martini Negroni cocktail, Americano or Martini Fiero & Tonic! Find out all about the Martini family and their unique production plant.

Adopt the pace of Nature

Opera Pop Concert

Opera and Lyrics are part of Italian heritage, but what do you think about Opera Pop Music?
Four Italian soprano voices ensemble: a challenge beyond the Opera style and the Pop world.
Listen to a private concert and let yourself be rocked by the magic of their music.

Adopt the pace of Nature

Escape to Italy

Let your mind travel on an amazing journey through Italian cultural icons. Clues, mysteries, tricky questions and thrilling games connecting special storytellers. Teamwork and virtual walks from the comfort of your home.

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Blind Tasting

Be hosted by a local wine expert among stunning Tuscany vineyards. You will swirl, smell, taste, and savour. A fun, collaborative experience to discover the identity of the wines. You will also get the chance to tour the cellars and learn about the winemaking process.

Adopt the pace of Nature

Freestyle Football

Italians are crazy about football…so why don’t you get involved in the football fever?
A past legend of Italian football and a champion of freestyle football will be involved in an amazing performance on a special set. Try out some simple freestyle moves and discover your sporting skills.

Adopt the pace of Nature

Kitchen Quarantine

Have you ever been into a famous chef’s private kitchen?
Step into the house of an Italian Michelin Star chef and enjoy a masterclass on modern Italian cooking and how to bring traditional cuisine into the future.

Adopt the pace of Nature

Pizza Acrobatics

Did you know that pizza is not only for eating? You’ll enjoy an amazing acrobatic show and learn how to twirl your dough like a pro.