Land of the rising Sun, Japan is a destination like no other, a country steeped in tradition yet technologically advanced. Japan is very much a land of contrasting beauty from the ancient temples to towering modern day skyscrapers, from the snowy mountain peaks of the North to the crystal clear sub-tropical waters of the South, there really is something for everyone.

Japan is a country with hospitality and warmth at its heart and it is ready to welcome your next virtual or live event.


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Local Delights


Adopt the pace of Nature

Forest Meditation at Fushimi Inari Shrine

Breathe the fresh mountain air, listen to the sounds of nature and perfect your inner calm with this unforgettable experience. Virtually experience Fushimi Inari, Japan’s most popular shrine complex, with an insider. Along the way you will learn about the shrine’s 1,300-year-long history, old shamanistic rituals, and Shinto rituals as they are practiced today. Then we will enter a secret location to experience a sacred waterfall meditation together. You’ll learn how to do breathing meditation that you can experience without getting wet.

Adopt the pace of Nature

Interactive Ramen Making Experience

Making Japanese food can seem a little daunting especially Ramen however thanks to your tutor’s on-line virtual Ramen making class you will see how easy it is to make Ramen from scratch. This unique class helps you make your own ramen noodles starting from just flour and water, a fun little dance workout on the way.

Adopt the pace of Nature

Virtual Climb to the top of Mt.Fuji

Reach new heights with this amazing virtual climb to the top of Japan’s tallest and most famous Mountain, Mt. Fuji. Your expert Mountain guide will virtually pick you up from the Bus Terminal at Shinjuku Station, wearing his Mountain Hiking gear and take you to the foot of Mt. Fuji where your climb will begin. Through descriptions, pictures and videos you will walk the rocky path up to the Summit for an unforgettable sunrise over Japan.

Adopt the pace of Nature

Zen Garden Tour of Kyoto

Experience the restorative power of nature and art while you virtually travel to Japan and immerse yourself in the Zen garden at Konchi-in. After meeting up online we will occupy one of Kyoto’s magical and sacred spaces created hundreds of years ago by Zen monks, artists, and nobles. Through the sharing of photos, diagrams, artistically crafted videos and live commentary you will feel as if you are physically moving through this space.

Adopt the pace of Nature

Fake Food Tour with live Factory visit

Outside of Japan it is unusual to find anyone who knows anything about Fake food. What is it? Why do they have it? Our expert guide has exclusive access to one of the best producers of Fake Food in all of Japan. He will explain the history behind Fake Food and why nearly every restaurant in Japan uses it in their display windows. There will be fun interactive quizzes a long the way.

Adopt the pace of Nature

Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony Live from Kyoto

A chance to explore the deep cultural tradition of the Tea Ceremony which has remained unchanged for 100’s of years. Your Tea Master will take you through the history of Matcha tea, its production and ultimately the tea ceremony itself. The Tea Ceremony is not just about drinking tea, it is about patience, precision and reflection.

Adopt the pace of Nature

Virtual Coffee with Samurai Joe

You have a unique opportunity to listen to the life story of Joe Okada, the Last Samurai. Joe-san himself will tell you about his childhood, his youth days and adventures both in Japan and overseas. There will be plenty of exclusive video clips and photographs usually not on display. You will also have a chance to speak with Joe yourself and ask him whatever you’d like to hear about his life, half-century long tour guide career and Japan in general.

Adopt the pace of Nature

Izakaya Virtual Pub Crawl

Japanese pubs are referred to as Izakaya’s. Typically small, intimate and cosy, your expert guide will head out into the hustle and bustle of Tokyo’s Shinjuku district to show you all the best spots for when you are ready to come to Japan. You will enjoy seeing these amazing places, meet locals and enjoy Japanese drinks along the way.