digital solutions

Thinking about going Virtual?

We offer a solution with which you can connect and gather your participants around the globe for education and knowledge exchange.

Going virtual in your future short term event keeps your conference cycle on track and moving forward.

Do you prefer a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event is a combination of both live and virtual components. Many aspects of the event will allow participants in both experiences to connect and engage with each other. 

Our technology platform is designed to engage virtual and live participants in shared experiences rather than virtual attendees sitting passively and watching a computer screen. Those who can travel can still participate face to face and those unable to travel still can  network, learn and connect with other attendees.

Engage your audience!

We will provide the best technology solutions for each element of your program as well as oversee and manage the technical production of your virtual or hybrid event.

• Program all event communications, including the virtual host who will provide information and direction throughout your virtual program
• Appropriately brand your portal with your colours and themes
• Fully staff the Live Support function with our technical and customer service teams

A few elements we provide to make your digital event fully interactive:

• Live Polling
• Live Q&A
• Discussion Forum
• Handouts and Session Notes
• Master of Ceremonies
• Gamification
• Networking sessions
• Virtual Exhibition and pre-schedule appointments

What is OnAIR Platform?

OnAIR platform for virtual and hybrid events allows you to meet in a secure online space to present, showcase, learn and discuss via its unique timeline interface.

It provides all the functionality required to turn virtual events into reality.

It also offers many branding and advertising options such as the header graphic and the sponsors banner.

OnAIR gives you the flexibility to hold virtual, hybrid or blended events anywhere.

We will design the virtual portal to match your preferences and to perfectly fit the dinner / brunch agenda.


Encourage your attendees to participate in online and onsite games and activities, and reward the most engaged and interactive individuals with prizes and nominations.

The games are built around goals or actions related to the event topic or to any other activity specified by you.

Attendees can for example earn points, win prizes, and redeem coins to purchase items and gifts.