Hybrid Events

What is a hybrid event?

Hybrid events are a combination of live and virtual events. A fancy phrase for something that has existed in many forms over the years.

For example,  our clients often host live events, such as strategy meetings or product launches and invite a virtual audience or speakers to the event. Live streams are well-known alternatives for people who cannot join the event in person.

Simply by combining live and virtual participation, you’re hosting a hybrid event.

Hybrid Event Engineering Dashboard

Why Hybrid Events?

When delivered professionally, hybrid events show the best that live and virtual events can offer. Some participants benefit from in-person networking at a live conference, others prefer to watch your event content from home.

By giving your audience the choice between attending in-person or tuning in online, you will achieve maximum engagement.

In addition to accessibility, hybrid events offer many benefits.

Enhanced content engagement
Integrated tech linking live & virtual
Increased attendance
Reduced travel cost
On-demand content
Improved sustainability impact
Better return on investment ROI
Valuable data analytics

The decision to hold a hybrid event, rather than a virtual or in-person event is based on many factors.

To make this decision, event planners should not only consider the goals of the event, but also include various other criteria such as the event type and size, audience demographics, budget, and content.

When we receive at a new event request, we discuss all possible alternatives and recommend the best option to meet our clients’ needs.

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